Are Johnston taxpayers footing the bill?


To the Editor:

It appears from news reports that the mayor’s lawyer does not want to answer that question, but I can. At the Special Town Council Meeting January 20, 2015 at 6:30 pm, Fuoco V. Polisena CA. No-PC 13-5356 was on the agenda and the Council voted to indemnify. Yes, it is on the taxpayer dollar.

As a resident who attends just about every Town Council meeting, takes notes, keeps records, ask questions, and makes comment, I saw and heard month after month of terrible things being done to Councilwomen Eileen Fuoco. I don’t know how she endured.

Eileen was a member of the Democratic Party who for many years supported and campaigned for Polisena when he ran for State Senate and mayor. She thought he was a good man and a friend until he changed, and the bullying stared. I watched what seemed like a full attack go on at Council meetings with people coming from the back of the room yelling at Eileen, and another Council member telling her to “shut up” when she tried to defend herself.

I sat in Superior Court Thursday morning, June 7, and listened to Eileen’s attorney Gregory Acciardo’s closing argument. He did an amazing job bringing tears to people’s eyes as he fought from the heart for his client. All he was allowed to bring to that jury was facts about what the Mayor did in just a few minutes at one meeting, not all that he and his crew have put her through.

Anyone who has ever heard Polisena refer to a “malcontent,” you should know that is what he calls me, because I speak out about what I see, like abuse of power, committing fraud with lies, and taking advantage of taxpayers in many ways like having the Town Council indemnify the cases filed against him.

Jean Lynch



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