Bad drivers no matter their political leaning


To the Editor:

I have to disagree with Peggy Quinlan when she disparages the new roundabouts and Democrats.

First of all, I find them to work very well when one does not exceed the stated speeds and also practices respect for other drivers, which is sadly lacking these days. I also use them every day and find there is no difference between Democratic bad drivers and Republican bad drivers – both are selfish disrespectful, careless bores unwilling to respect my personal space approaching and in the circles themselves. It is me, me, I am in a hurry.

I find the design works for reasonable people. Therein hangs a tale, not many of them about.

We will have to wait and see how Mr. Trump does anything better than Democrats, so not so much so far to my mind. The Infrastructure Bill may be much ado about nothing, as is common when it comes to Mr. Trump.

Walter Amoroso



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Dear Walter,

I want to agree with you but I can't. The Warwick Police report an 800% increase in accidents due to the new roundabouts. My own calculations showed that reducing the total amount of road-square-footage by that much couldn't possibly improve traffic. Also, reducing 2 lanes down to one-lane-with-a-bike-path-that-I-haven't-seen-one-bicycle-on-yet, just doesn't make sense either.

The problem is it's like leasing a car that you regret signing for. You now have to live with it. We already have the roundabouts. We just have to live with them.

Sorry Walter.

Happy Spring/Summer everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, May 24, 2018


You should check out the latest Hummel Report - crashes are way down - from over 100 to 38 - about a 60% reduction. You keep spewing that ridiculous 800% increase number - now let's see you preach the new number. Facts are facts, and now you have them. The numbers are now below what they were pre-construction. I'm sure you'll find a way to somehow distort that information as well.

You're not an engineer - what makes you qualified to even attempt those calculations? Based on what? Explain these and your logic so the rest of us can have a good laugh and show you how it's really supposed to be done.

The roundabouts are working just like they were meant to, after the time needed for everyone to start to get used to them.

Just for once, could you come on here and not spew nonsense? Could you just get the information correct? Is that too much to ask for? I see your posts and immediately know they are full of junk and can't believe a single word.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Hello ElPresidente:

Thank you for providing a factual source of information that [again] completely disproves the make-believe mayor's statements. As I'm sure you've seen, it is quite rare that the make-believe mayor actually stops repeating a claim that has been proven false.

Instead, he attacks other commenters for using screen names [it would not surprise me at all if he replies similarly to you], ignores the facts, and moves on to new articles where he simply rewrites his false claims.

I hope you will join me and the thousands of honest, taxpaying voters who will reject his candidacy at the earliest opportunity.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

As someone who is frequently critical of municipal undertakings, I must say that the roundabouts have reduced the time through Appanoug by about half. This is not a question of political leanings as much as a basic understanding of the rules of the road. If you are in the circle, you have the right of way. If not, wait a second or two! It's not that hard!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018