Independent media?


To the Editor:

Is it just me, or have Southern New England viewers been treated to a national propaganda effort by Sinclair Broadcast group, owners of Channel 10? In the past few weeks, I have seen honorable, highly credible and respected news anchors reading a statement that they have been ordered to air by their bosses.

The Channel 10 announcement, disguised as a warning about "fake news,” is identical to those recorded and aired by local anchors on Sinclair owned TV stations across the country. In this comment, broadcast professionals warn not only about nut burger radical Facebook and Twitter rants but about established print and electronic media outlets, not controlled by Sinclair.

So, here it is, the camel with its foot in the tent. The first step toward something that was once considered impossible to ever happen in this country. Beware. You are witnessing the beginning of an out and out attack. Don't be fooled. We need to fight for and maintain, what so many have died to protect, a free, open and independent media.

Dave Kane



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