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(Stop-action allegory)

The Avon Cinema continues its tradition of bringing unusual films that have been hits at film festivals. The latest is Wes Anderson”s “Isle of Dogs,” a haunting tale of a boy searching for his lost dog.
The mayor of a Japanese City hates dogs, so he banishes them to Trash Island, telling his constituents that all dogs are carrying a disease.
Young Atari flies to the island in a makeshift plane, teams up with the mangy dogs living amongst the trash and begins a long search for his beloved Spots. The dogs are a mixture ranging from show dogs to street dogs, led by Chief, a mangy stray (voice of Bryan Cranston). The film is loaded with voices of famous actors, but they are hard to distinguish.
The search lags a bit in the middle until the island dogs fight their way back to take their proper place on the mainland. The graphics and backgrounds for the movie are colorful and dramatic, but occasionally a bit confusing, as Anderson uses both Japanese and English to tell the story.
The movie is quite interesting in its approach to adult themes, coming close to anti-Trump positions on immigration. Film students will enjoy Anderson’s creativity.
Rated PG-13, with some violence.


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