M & M’s Diner and Pizzeria Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner ALL day


For Marios Kirios, the owner of M & M’s Diner and Pizzeria, preparing and serving food has been a lifetime passion that literally runs through his veins. The son of longtime restauranteur Michael Kirios (the other “M” in the restaurant’s name and Marios’ greatest inspiration) he has been part of his family’s restaurant legacy for his entire two and a half decades of life. The Kirios family has been serving delicious, homemade food to throngs of loyal customers for literally generations.

M & M’s Diner and Pizzeria is just the newest installation of this Kirios legacy. This is truly a home-style, classic, all-American diner where portion sizes are abundant, the menu is long and diverse, and EVERYTHING is served with a smile. On any given day, customers will find Marios’s father Michael, aka “Uncle Mike”, sitting at the diner’s lunch counter, mingling with the other customers ~ swapping stories of life. Customers, many of whom have been loyal followers of the Kirios since their earliest days in the restaurant business, will also meet Marios’s mother or Konstantinos, one of his four brothers. Every Kirios heart is behind the success of M & M’s, and it shows in every bite.

While the company and service at this busy diner and pizzeria are note-worthy, what makes M & M’s a “trip worth-taking” is the food. Always made-from-scratch and to order, the food here is simply mouth-watering. And what’s more, everything on the menu (yes, everything) is available ALL day! If you have a hankering for Fish & Chips in the morning, you got it. If you want a huge stack of pancakes or a syrup-drenched Belgium waffle at nine o’clock at night, you got it. If you ask for it, the talented and busy cooks here will prepare it for you, just the way you like it.

The menu begins with a huge selection of breakfast favorites, from omelets of every variety, to those irresistible pancakes and waffles. There are breakfast sandwiches to-go or to stay, piles of perfectly-browned home fries, crispy bacon and savory sausages. The remainder of the menu is filled with a huge list of appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, burgers and pizzas to die for ~ including their famous specialty pizzas.

The cooks at M & M’s, with Marios and Konstantino among them, use one ingredient throughout every dish they prepare, and that is love. They simply love to cook, and every item that comes off the griddle, out of the fryer or from within their ovens is made to please every palate, every preference and every budget. Longtime fan Walter explains: “Marios wants everyone to feel comfortable, welcome and wanted.” This restaurant is a happy place, a homey place ~ a place worth returning to, time after time.

Come to M & M’s Diner and Pizzeria on 1031 Plainfield Street. Open Monday – Sunday, 7AM ~ 10PM. Take-out available ~ call 401-270-7371 today!


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