Rachel's Faith


Editor’s note: As a member of the First Parish Church in Weston, Mass., Rachel composed and read this Faith Statement to her congregation.

To be honest, it’s kind of hard for me to put this into words. All my life I’ve been so interested in science, I’ve always had to ask “why.” When I first started to really learn about religion, it seemed like it was simply against science.

As I got older, and started to analyze things more, I realized that this was simply not the case. Everything coexists with everything else. There just can’t be a world with just one or the other. You can think scientifically and spiritually at the same time. Yes, we can explain how something happens, but we really don’t know why it happens.

I can say that I am here talking to you right now, and one might say it’s because I’m making my faith statement. But why am I here in the first place. Why are any of us here? Over time, humanity has invented some pretty good ways to explain things, but some things we just don’t know.

When researching the more complicated things in life, we just hit a dead end. We can’t know what happens after we die because we can’t exactly interview a dead person.

I think I’m overcomplicating this a bit. I believe that God is more than a concept. God is the force of life that drives a person forward. God is the energy that drives the entire universe. Our purpose here is to make life great for everyone. When we die, that could be it. So we should try to live as much as we can, always.


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