Shaking hands with Adolf


To the Editor:

The top echelon of the Republican Party have a worried demeanor evident when being questioned by the various media as the President seems more and more intent on discarding Democracy as the pillar of Americas’ existence.

The announcements of retirements from Congress continue as the realization that we have a leader in office who is not cognizant of our heritage and the policies that made us a respected leader throughout the world. 

The congratulation given to the re-election of the Russian leader is inappropriate and has the aura of “shaking hands with Adolf,” so to speak. Recent lower level campaigns have shown a stunning advance of what is about to occur at the national mid-term elections. The parade of those leaving voluntarily or being fired from the White House cannot but overshadow the military parade mentioned by “The Commander-in-Chief” who continues to seek adoration and fame from a fast increasing number of departing supporters. 

A Fibonacci sequence is unnecessary to foretell the future results of the November election. “TWO and TOO fed up” will still add up to Foretold.  

George Bennett



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Do you screed often George? A phone call, that all you got? As opposed to bowing and bending over to kiss the backside of leaders on foreign soil? I'll take Trump, even with some of his over the top bombast rather than the treasonous Clinton's or muhammed hussein obama al Fubar, another traitor along with abdul aziz Brennan...OH, have a nice day.

Friday, March 23, 2018