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(Father saves family from burning building)

Father saves family from burning building. That's what the previews suggest, but the storyline is much more complicated...and ridiculous.

Dwayne Johnson plays an Army vet who has lost his leg but copes well with his prosthetic. He brings his wife and two young children with him on a job interview in Hong Kong.

The owner explains the complex structure of the world's tallest building, complete with 220 floors, looking somewhat like the one being promoted for the Providence skyline. With his family nestled in a plush room on the 96th floor, Will encounters a number of strange adventures. His service buddy who set him up for the interview tries to kill him. A gang of the street tries to kill him. The police try to capture him.

What the heck is going on?

Who are these people who set fire to the building?

What does the owner have that they want?

By the way, the answers to all these questions are lost in a jumbled plotline that plays second fiddle to Will trying to get in the building and save his family while being shot at. You may find his outrageous attempts interesting and exciting. I found them confusing and outrageous.

Rated PG-13, with some scary moments.


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