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(Not so super remake of classic)

It's been over 45 years since the breakthrough "blaxploitation" original film hit the screens. "Superfly" is back to show a new generation that crime does indeed pay...if you don't get killed along the way.

We are introduced to the slick, smart, womanizing Youngblood Priest (Trevor Jackson), an Atlanta drug dealer who starts as a delivery boy and ends up as a super rich drug czar with fancy cars, a fancy home and fancy women. Priest has it all and wants one more before retiring at a very young age.

Priest has tough competition from the Snow Patrol, a mean gang of competing drug dealers who dress all in white (and look ridiculous). He gets his drugs from an equally mean drug dealer over the border in Mexico. When two crooked white cops catch on to what's going on, they frame Priest and try to bring him down. You can guess what happens to them and the rival gang as things get very violent.

Priest's buddy (Jason Mitchell) wears a $600,000 watch (There are such things?) and they both live the high life, hanging out in strip joints, driving expensive cars and wearing expensive clothing and jewelry. Crime pays big time, with partygoers throwing money around (literally) like it was paper.

There's a steamy sex scene involving Priest's two girlfriends that comes close to giving the film an R rating. There's also lots of violence, including a unique way to get rid of your enemies.

In spite of all the glitter, sex and violence, the movie has little that is new as it shows the risks criminals and bad cops are willing to take to be cool and rich.

Rated R for all the reasons listed above.


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