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(Immature men/dumb movie)

Although “Tag” is loosely based on a true Wall Street Journal story, it portrays its characters as immature, dumb man-children who play a stupid game that gets completely out of control. Five grown men gather every May to play Tag, a ritual they have engaged in since they were five young boys growing up in Spokane. They are older now, and each has a boring backstory.
Gerry (Jeremy Renner) is getting married back in their hometown, and the other four come together to tag their buddy, who has escaped being tagged for 30 years. Gerry is no fool, however. He knows they are coming and makes preparations to protect himself.
The movie is filled with dumb failed attempts that include lots of physical comedy that isn’t very funny. Another thing that isn’t funny at all is a long scene involving failed humor about a miscarriage.
“Tag” is a waste of good actors in ridiculous roles. Rated R, with grown, supposedly intelligent men whose lone adjective/verb involves the F word. Throw in some sex, nudity and drug use.


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