What is a mother to do?


To the Editor:

I wake up shaking and sweating I cannot sleep. I am sick to my stomach. I pace the floor and cannot stop crying. There is no way I can work. I can not think of anything else.

Job on the line. Health on the line. Depression seeps in but I forge forward into my day. You say: “Must be drugs.” YES! YES it is DRUGS! But the one using them is not me!

It is my grown daughter, and all I can picture is her face lifeless on a cold metal slab. How many overdoses does one person have to have…one family have to endure…before our officials see that our money would be better spent on forced rehabilitation? At least 60 days for the first offense.

Yes, it is an offense! It is #1) Use of a controlled substance. #2) Most times public intoxication. #3) Offensive to society! Isn’t that why they call in an offense?

Instead of monies going to legal drug dealerships like suboxone and methadone clinics, where the majority of users just get their “dose” to hold them over until they can afford more drugs, and then walk the streets making dangerous and improper decisions for themselves, open asylums where these people are cared for and treated for their obvious mental and drug conditions.

Why allow them to collect drug money on the corners? This act should be criminalized again, not only is it wrong in itself, it sets a very bad example for our youth and an awful precedent.

Officials say that we cannot afford to put them in jail. Are we thinking this through? The cost of all the first responders going to multiple calls for the same person over and over again. The hospital bills that are being paid by state funded health insurance. The millions of children in the foster care system. Perhaps if we did not coddle the users and give them so many options they would be detoured.

I am not judging. This is my reality! I never dreamed this would or could ever happen to one of mine. Please, PLEASE can we unite as a public to make our officials see that the current system is not working?

I speak from experience. My own daughter has the attitude that if she overdoses it’s no big deal. They will bring her back.


Kelly Estes

Devastated Mom



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