What's become of the Democratic Party?


To the Editor:

Joe and Joan Q. Public are stunned, as if hammered for slaughter like cattle, with the metamorphosis of the Democrat party. 

Members who are progressives have made serious inroads to the party's agenda so that it is no longer the party of the loyal opposition and that of the working man/woman.

Rather, the party is now geared to obstruction and resistance

so that service to the people and the country is secondary. 

It is difficult to determine the precise time of this transformation but the Obama presidency, for one, made it evident when he made his apology tour and his expressed distain of the nation's anthem – "the rockets and bombs bursting in air" he claimed was offensive to others. At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, inclusion of a reference to God was booed and rejected. 

The negative change in tenor of the leaders of the party has led to a rush of people who may not be party members but ascribe with vitriol to the resistance path. For example, the most vulgar offensive pejorative of a woman has been directed at the President's daughter.

One obstruction group has published the identification of 1,600 ICE agents. Another group wants ICE agents killed.

Fatuous and corpulent Michael Moore urges sacrificing one's body to this resistance army.  (It is left to the reader to decipher his mutterings.)

Maxine Waters, herself a member of Congress, urges active resistance to government agents.

And these are but some of the seemingly innumerable despicable comments and actions of entertainers, media people, and groups. Hatred of Trump has transformed to downright evil.

Rank and file Democrats themselves must be utterly bewildered and offended by those who wish to put a new face on their party. Why are their leaders mute on what is transpiring? Not a word of rebuke or condemnation from our governor, representatives Cicilline and Langevin or senators Whitehouse and Reed, not to mention the silence from the national leaders. Their silence is revealing and it is shameful.

Is party loyalty and winning so paramount that they sacrifice their integrity? (Billy Graham is but one who warns us to choose good; people of every stripe should heed his admonition, especially in the heated environment of politics.)

It may be too late to restore the Democrat Party to the noble stature it held in our fathers' day. This writer would not dare to predict its reformation. But leadership of the party should understand the obvious, no one wants to be affiliated with a political organization that is being so degradingly transformed.

No one, Democrat or otherwise, can take pleasure in this abysmal new Democrat party and it would be wise for leadership to get moving.

Sam Parente



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yea. we wants a democraptic party to stay da same. with salts of the earths cantidates like hilary who know just what it is to be a werking stif in this country and knot benefitting from big coprorated donors like the repuglicans. we needs dis kind of tinking and wes shuld erect master mayer corrente to carry this out.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Democrat Party "has" become downright evil! Spreading Helter Skelter across America, taking advantage of Immigration, News Media and their Hollywood friends. This is Democrat Insecurity not Republican Success.

Democrats have No Leadership No Representation! They are Vowing and Pledging to Destroy the Other Side of their own Party at every level. We're seeing it taking place right here at home.

What's wrong with Finding a qualified Candidate, working hard to convince Voters you have a better plan and showing America, your way is better.

I enjoyed catching a few laughs before bed. Not anymore. Democrats have Hi-Jacked Late Night Shows. Pure Hate by their own kind. That's not Funny, That's not Comedy, it "Is" Evil, Pathetic and destroying America.

What Democrats are doing is the "Road to Ruin"!

They shouldn't be rewarded.

Looking at the Results, Numbers and Success is the barometer.

Not who projects the Worst Comedy and Bad Behavior in America.

President Trump and Republican Leadership in America is Succeeding.

Abusing, Disrespecting and Belittling Half America is a Losing Formula.

Show us, What you have to offer! Not how big your mouths are.

Ron Loparto Republican House Candidate District 21 Warwick

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

fake comedy. wees needs more blackface minstrel shows like back whens amerika wuz grate

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Dear ronloparto,

I agree with your description but I believe it is not exclusive to the Democrats. The Republicans have their fair share of social media hype as well. The "downright evil" is coming from people calling themselves Democrats or Republicans spewing lies as facts, repeating lies over and over to hopefully make those lies sound more credible than the bathroom wall the information came from, and sending all this "fake news" from a screen name which they hide behind like the cowards that they are. Those who tell the truth (like you) have no reason to hide.

Happy August ronloparto.

Happy August everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, August 9, 2018