Dog shot by Warwick Police following attack on Greenwich Avenue


Warwick Police shot a dog Sunday night on Greenwich Avenue.

According to police, a dog attacked another dog and multiple people, but was stopped by a responding Warwick Police officer.

Warwick Police reported an officer-involved shooting occurred around 7:55 p.m., Sunday, May 26. According to a Warwick Police media release, officers were dispatched to 734 Greenwich Ave. for a domestic disturbance between a man and a woman.

On their way to the scene, police were informed “that a dog was attacking another dog and multiple people.”

“The first officer on scene observed a dog actively attacking multiple persons in the front yard of the residence,” according to Warwick Police. “The dog charged at the officer and (bit) him.”

According to a later update by Warwick Police, the dog bit the officer “in the area of the thigh and calf.”

“The dog then charged at the officer and bit him,” according to police. “The officer was forced to fire his sidearm in order to stop the dog from biting and get it to release. A single shot was fired by the officer and no additional injuries or damage was caused due to dispensing of the round.”

Warwick Police did not immediately identify the officer.

According to police, the “officer fired his firearm, stopping the dog.”

Warwick Fire Department Rescue was called to the scene. Police said the “officer and one of the persons (bitten) by the dog were transported to (Kent County) hospital and are being treated for their injuries” and “the dog was taken by officers to a local animal hospital where it was pronounced deceased.”

Following an investigation into the domestic disturbance, Warwick Police arrested a 43-year-old woman who lived at the Greenwich Avenue address. Police identified the defendant as Shaina Crossley. They charged Crossley with the following domestic charges: Domestic Felony Assault, Domestic Vandalism, and Domestic Disorderly Conduct. She was also charged with one count of Resisting Legal/Illegal Arrest.


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