The Tony Award-winning spectacular musical, “Moulin Rouge! The Musical”, is currently lighting up the PPAC stage with its glamourous two-hour plus production, filled with dancing, singing, a powerful love story, and lots of glitz.

Set in Paris in 1899, it is the ill-fated love story of American writer Christian (Christian Douglas) and the Moulin Rouge star Satine (Gabrielle McClinton), both with excellent voices.

Surrounding the love story, we are treated to the dancing, singing and entertainment of the Paris dance hall, with its showgirls, can-can dancer, bright lights and music.

Unique to the musical is the inclusion of snippets of lyrics from over 70 popular songs.

The Moulin Rouge is in danger of going out of business, so the manager (Robert Petkoff) arranges a rendezvous between the rich duke (Andrew Brewer) and Satine.

There is conflict and difficult choices to be made.

Meanwhile, the show goes on, with all its spectacle.

Built around the theme of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love, “Moulin Rouge! The Musical” is filled with messages about Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love, mixing the Bohemian philosophy with the aristocratic lifestyle as the two groups intermingle.

The lyrics are cleverly juxtaposed on the action, occasionally putting truth to the test.

If you are a fan of musical theatre, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Costumes, sound, sets, lighting, and all of those necessary supports that make for a Tony Award-winning show are all there.

The spacious PPAC stage makes it possible to do justice to the show, and the performers are all first class. You don’t have to go to Broadway, folks.

“Moulin Rouge! The Musical” has an extended run at the Providence Performing Arts Center that takes it through New Years Eve, Sunday, December 31 with a 1:00 p.m. final performance.

Call 421-ARTS for reservations.

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