Historical Society recieves $25k Champlin Grant

The Champlin Foundations, so reads a line on the highly acclaimed non-profit’s website, “Quietly and steadfastly helps those who do good do more – to the benefit of all.” One such group …

Johnston Youth Football League holds end-of-season banquet

They honored outgoing Vice President Phil Morin with the special Service Award. They also paid tribute to Matt Clements, a man people will tell you is a volunteer extraordinaire. They also gave …

Police Log

The Police Log is a digest of reports provided by the Johnston Police, Rhode Island State Police and other departments. POSSESSION While in the area of Serrel Sweet Road and Taunton Street on …

All states require background checks for concealed carry permits

To the Editor: I don't want no wild-eyed, gun totin' good ole boys from out west comin' up here to Row Dylan packin' heat. This seems to be the sentiment of critics like Cranston's Tom Wojick, who is concerned that the Fix NICS Act" of 2017 will"

Helping young women believe in themselves

Sam Sisakhti knew five days into his first job in finance that the field wasn’t right for him. Freshly graduated from Brandeis University, and now without a clear vision of his future, he went to …

We must dream now, more than ever

It is easy to hyperbolize in today's society. We live in a culture dominated by sensationalized headlines, relentless advertisers and increasingly daring television programming and movies all with the same agenda in mind - to grab the attention of a