September 3, 2015

Years later, the shadow of the 38 Studios debacle continues to loom over Smith Hill.

Taxpayers are on the hook for tens of millions to repay bondholders following the 2012 failure of former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling’s video game company. What had been pitched as a major economic development project quickly …

Less than a year ago, Cranston Mayor Allan Fung had a very real chance of becoming Rhode … More
Late July and early August are typically thought of as a quiet time of year, the slow … More
Finding a balance between public health concerns and respect for civil liberties can be … More
Several months ago, we opined about the newly reopened and reclaimed Rocky Point Park, in … More
Rhode Island’s greatest assets, it can be argued, are its size, geographic and cultural … More
Editorial Cartoon
Write of Way
Meg Fraser
Sun Rise Scoops
Meri R. Kennedy
The 2015 legislative session was another meaningful year for our state’s veterans. I am … More
America’s prison population has exploded over the last few decades. The reasons are … More
It is with no small amount of pride that I took part in the vote that brought Rhode … More
Across the state, Rhode Islanders are talking about a number of important initiatives … More
For the past eight years, I have had the honor of serving on the Committee on Public … More
Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Senator Joshua Miller was wrong when he slung profanity at those who opposed his legislative assault on 2nd Amendment rights; the senator was wrong to seek to remove a religious exemption for parents who disagree with controversial vaccine mandates; and the misinformed senator was wrong when he recently …

To the Editor: Vladislov “Sam” Samsonov neglected to collect the toll for a big … More
To the Editor: August 9, 2015 will be the 41st anniversary of President Richard … More
To the Editor: Do Warwick Beacon readers have any idea of what is happening the Middle … More
To the Editor: Jimmy Fund Golf presented by DraftKings extends its sincerest thanks to … More
To the Editor: In the June 23, 2015 Providence Journal article, “Toll plan moving … More
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