One can easily forget just how dramatically the place of smoking in our society has changed in a relatively short timeframe.

Popular culture provides some reminders of how ubiquitous the habit once was, from classic films to the period television drama “Mad Men.” Characters in these pieces light up, quite literally, …

Our economic engine is out of gas.” So reads one of the first slides from a … More
OK, this borders on the absurd. But this winter has been absurd, and we need something … More
President Barack Obama’s recent comments at the National Prayer Breakfast sought to … More
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Editorial Cartoon
Write of Way
Meg Fraser
Sun Rise Scoops
Meri R. Kennedy
In 2013 I searched for something that would be of special interest to me, since I retired … More
By ELAINE BOUTHILLIER In 2013 I searched for something that would be of special … More
In politics, the public’s lasting perception of a particular official can be forever … More
There’s a big difference between a Chihuahua and a husky. For the former, 30 degrees … More
Radon, a naturally-occurring invisible gas, is the second leading cause of lung cancer … More
Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

We the undersigned are Rhode Island parents, grandparents, teachers, retired teachers, and concerned citizens – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. We are not misinformed about the nature and purposes of the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC testing. We have spent countless hours of our …

To the Editor: As a mother of twin daughters attending kindergarten in Johnston next … More
To the Editor: The world has become a complicated place and the United States has … More
To the Editor: Here we go, possibly another planning fiasco for Providence in the … More
To the Editor: I don’t think that the new owners of the PawSox want to keep the … More
To the Editor: If the coldest weather on the planet outside of Siberia does not make … More
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