Still no hard copy of audit

To the Editor: The 2017 fourth quarter taxes are due and payable but still no “hard copy” of the 2016 audit for the town available to taxpayers. What is this administration afraid of, the …

Division I, state champs?

To the Editor: Having spent 40 years as a high school administrator, athletic director, coach and teacher, I'm completely baffled and embarrassed by the hockey principal's committee and executive director of the RIIL. The Crusaders of Prout defeated the

Parting words to William Walaska

On behalf of the Walaska family, thank you to all of you for attending today's celebration of Bill's life. To Marsha, Billy and Christine, Leslie and Rob, Ann Marie and Danny we offer our deepest sympathies and thank you for sharing

Pinhole in a pitch-black tunnel

The case of Aaron Andrade could be a turning point in Rhode Island, but we are years away from knowing. Last week, the 25-year-old pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the death of 29-year-old Kristen Coutu. Andrade was given a 40-year sentence,