October 24, 2014

When Rocky Point Park opens this week, visitors will find a changed landscape from the amusement park they knew prior to 1995 or the piles of debris, derelict buildings and overgrown landscape it became in the last 19 years.

It is an open and new landscape of gently sloping hills with vistas of Narragansett Bay and the …

It’s now been nearly a week since word first broke of a threat made against elementary … More
Ebola and enterovirus have captured the public’s attention of late, and rightfully so. … More
Reliable, competitively priced energy is essential for economic growth. Unfortunately, … More
Education is a cornerstone of our society, viewed as critical in the creation of informed … More
Many of us recall a time before the broad emergence of the Internet, before mobile phones … More
Editorial Cartoon
Write of Way
Meg Fraser
Sun Rise Scoops
Meri R. Kennedy
In a recent commentary in the Providence Journal, engineer Andrew Aitkin, retired vice … More
On Nov. 4, Rhode Islanders will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not they wish … More
Recently, the University of Rhode Island hosted representatives from many of Rhode … More
On Sept. 29, I had the great pleasure of joining President Rosanne Somerson of the Rhode … More
Two decades ago, Boston Harbor was widely considered the dirtiest harbor in America. … More
Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

As we approach the November 4 General Election, I especially would like your readers to reflect on the gubernatorial election four years ago.

In that election, no candidate for Rhode Island governor received 50 percent of the vote. Governor Lincoln D. Chafee was elected with a plurality of the vote. …

To the Editor: On November 4 you will be asked to decide if our schools should be … More
To the Editor: As a retired public school teacher for 32 years, many times a polite … More
To the Editor: West African countries have been suffering an insidiously growing … More
To the Editor: As we voters search for substance in the candidates of the 2014 … More
To the Editor: Rhode Island’s quasi-public agencies, such as the RI Airport … More
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