Show 'Deep Staters' the door


To the Editor:

Last week, eBay notified its users that there is a movement within the States to impose a sales tax on purchases made on the internet in order to make a “level playing field” for local retailers and that appeals to the Deep State advocates within this state who drool at the thought of more taxpayer dollars coming their way.

Have a look at the gantries down in Westerly and around this state if you think otherwise, all ready to fleece the truckers who have no idea what will hit them. The interstate was specifically built to be free of tolls, and yet there they are while our fake governor claims that she cares about us.

So back to Internet sales tax, if imposed it would required all sellers to become agents of the RI Division of Taxation, meaning the individual seller who has a gadget for sale will be required to file a sales slip and tax receipt. Imagine the endless paper trail and time required by this new tax.

There is a better solution to this justified attempt to “level the playing field.” How about eliminating the RI state sales tax for everything including cars and force the Deep Staters take a hike out of here?

Erik R. Thorp



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Plus, the deep state could take that chip out of your head and you could save on your foil budget.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Which is also why a lot of people who buy "Big Ticket Items" are driving the extra hour to New Hampshire and Say %$# Rhode Island.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Then they drive on RI roads and complain about the pot holes.

Friday, June 22, 2018