What will the future look like?


To the Editor:

Municipalities need the right to provide their services cost effectively in which privatization is the answer. Taking into consideration infrastructure needs and the needs of most taxpayers on limited incomes must come before the demands of civil service.

Approximately 90 percent of Rhode Island politicians are Democrats in which the party and government labor unions are one in the same. Is it any wonder our state is ranked ninth for highest across the board taxes, first for highest annual vehicle taxes and we are 1 in 14 states that taxes Social Security. In addition, we rank ninth for highest gasoline taxes and seventh for worst state to retire. When you realize the endless provisions, hefty pensions, early retirements etc., is it any wonder our gasoline taxes go into the general fund and not set aside for infrastructure?

I was going to highlight many of the provisions and alternatives that would cut our present $110 million budget by millions but the provisions are so numerous why bother. All taxpayers need to know is when you consider the above and the fact that our legislature is synonymous with backroom deals the only way forward is balanced representation but most importantly representation that will advocate the above.

For what it's worth how many readers receive the following at their places of work i.e. 15 holidays, double holiday pay, 20 sick days, 3 personal days, $75,000 life insurance policies, Cadillac of family healthcare for pennies on the dollar or annual longevity bonuses, that average $3,200 annually, some over $9,000. In addition, $1,800 annual clothing allowances, grace pay, which workers are paid a full hour at time and one half if they work 15 minutes overtime. In addition, anniversary bonuses, $3,200 to $5,200 monthly pensions after only working 20 and 28 years and continued paid healthcare till age 65. These are just are few examples.

In the real world 90 percent of the workforce is non-union in which the above would be a dream come true. As for Social Security if a worker earned $127,000 per year for 35 years, which leaves me out, their maximum benefit at age 66 would be $2,687 per month. However, for most Americans at age 66 it's $1,368 a month. Tell me property taxes can't or shouldn't come down.

In closing, realizing how dismal the future looks for tomorrow's generation may the good Lord have mercy on those that created this financial disaster in which I can only hope life long well intentioned Democrats will open their eyes and hearts to the above truths.

Peter A. Filippi III



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